Just as an artist begins painting and it’s not clear at the beginning what this piece of art is going to become, God is at work in us, as people in process, as we are growing toward what God desires us to become – both as individuals and together as a church. God is inviting us to BECOME something that we have never been before and to grow into all that He intends for us to be. The heart of this initiative is all about discipleship, which is essentially growing to become more like Jesus. We believe God has some exciting things in store for us both for us as individuals, and for us together as a church.


One of the biggest issues in discipleship is choosing Jesus as our leader and our Lord not just our savior. While those two shouldn’t be separate concepts, they unfortunately have become that over the years. This means there are many folks who choose to become Christians with little to no thought of surrendering their lives and choices to the authority and leadership of Jesus.


For most of us, one of the biggest challenges will be giving Jesus the priority in our generosity. Our primary goal in the BECOME initiative is for 100% engagement – we want every person at Grace to take his or her next step in discipleship and to grow in generosity. As each of these steps are taken we get to “become” more and more of who God has created us to be. Here’s more information about this exciting initiative.



Student Commitment Card

Adult Commitment Card

My/Our two-year BECOME commitment

You can still be part of a small group right here at Grace on Wednesday nights from 6:30 – 8:30pm throughout the series. Register here


You can also be part of a virtual small group with Pastor Jason on Facebook Live on Wednesdays at 7:15pm.  This is a great option to go a little deeper with this series if being part of a small group isn’t going to work out for you. Just to go our Facebook page at 7:15pm on Wednesdays.


Small Group Teaching Videos and Questions

Week 1 People of Godly Passion

Week 2 People of Messy Courage

Week 3 People of Priority

Week 4 People of People

Week 5 People of Radical Commitment