Family Dedication - Grace Church

What is Family Dedication?

Family Dedication is an intentional commitment by parents to raise their child in a home where Jesus is at the center. It is the public declaration that as Christian parents, they are dedicated to providing a Christian environment and purposeful guidance to help their child know and love God.


What is the Family Dedication Celebration?

The Family Dedication Celebration is an opportunity for families to publicly demonstrate their commitment to seeking God in the spiritual parenting of their children.

The Celebration happens at Grace Church Roseville campus on a Sunday evening.  The service begins at 5:30 pm and takes about an hour.  The service is followed by a dessert reception for everyone.  We encourage you to invite your family members and friends to come and support you on this special night.


Who Can Participate?

Anyone who calls Grace home may choose to participate in Family Dedication if the parents have a personal faith in Jesus. One of the participating parents must attend the Family Dedication Class offered prior to the celebration. You will receive more instructions at the class regarding preparations for the Celebration.


What If I am a Single Parent?

Child dedication signifies the commitment of parents (including single parents) to raise their child to be a follower of Christ. We encourage single parents to dedicate their child as they commit themselves to raise him or her without the presence or partnership of a spouse. We acknowledge that it takes extra effort for a single parent to raise a child. As a church, Grace is committed to supporting single parents in providing a Christian foundation for their child’s upbringing.


Our next Family Dedication Celebration has been postponed for now.


Register for the Family Dedication Class  which has been postponed for now. If you register on-line we can contact you when a new date is determined.


Have questions? Contact our Children’s Director, Tracey Peterson, and she’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.