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Connecting at Grace

When you get right down to it, life is about relationships. Real “community” tends to be rare in our lives, and it’s not usually something we “find” as much as something we create. The depth of our friendships will be primarily based on how “real” we are willing to be in our conversations with one another. To really grow in our relationship with God, it’s essential to be in real community with other Christ-followers. So, we want to do everything we can to create fun, safe and “easy to be in” environments of connection here at Grace.


Whether you’re looking for a small home-based environment, a men’s/women’s study group, or a group where you can explore your questions about faith, we have options to help you find your best fit. Check out the options to the left and find your next step to connecting at Grace.


We are here ON purpose and FOR a purpose. God has a mission for you and me to be a part of! We are not called to live for ourselves, but for the higher purpose of God’s design. Click here to watch a short video about our Impact Vision here at Grace.


Impact happens when we intentionally live in-step with God’s mission. We impact lives through involvement in various ministries at church as well as involvement in our neighborhoods, spheres of influence and world-wide initiatives. The links to the left will show you how you can take a next step to make a difference as you share and live out your faith in Jesus!


As a church family we want to celebrate the joys in your life with you, as well as to come alongside you with support, encouragement and prayer in life’s challenges. Family care and pastoral encouragement provides biblical counsel and encouragement to individuals, couples and families as needs arise. Contact Pastor Steve Crane to set up a time to meet with him. We can also help with referrals for outside agencies and counseling if desired.


Baptism is a celebration of your new life as a Christian. It’s a time to publicly declare your faith in God and your decision to follow Jesus. Your immersion in the water tells the story of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection – the means of your salvation. Your friends, family, and church will gather to praise and worship God for his amazing gift and his work in your life.

The next Baptism weekend is scheduled for April 6/7, 2019. If you are interested in being baptized on that weekend, you need to attend the Baptism Class. The next Class is scheduled for Sunday, March 17, 2019 at 9 am in Room 225. If you want to attend the Baptism Class on March 17 at 9 am, please register here.

If you’d like to explore if baptism is a next step for you, please contact Pastor Steve Crane