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Steve Crane

Care & Counseling

I have been intrigued by relationships since I was 12. My parents had just divorced and I began watching my friends fall in and out of ‘like’ or ‘luv’ only to break up and not talk to each other or, in some cases, to be cruel to each other. This brought me to start thinking deeply about relationships, and I started to come alongside hurting people and learned to care and listen. In my senior year in high school, I began my relationship with Jesus. As I grew in that relationship, I learned more about relationships with people. For 30 years I had the privilege of working as a youth pastor, encouraging students in their relationship with God as well as relationships with people. And now, as a Care Pastor,  I have the opportunity to come alongside of people of different ages and encourage them in their relationship with God and with others as they walk through the challenges of life. People are amazing!