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People of People

Pastor Jason Stonehouse - 11/04/2017

God designed a plan for relationships that originates with Him, engages us, and is intended to impact the world. There's a story in Acts, just weeks after the church got started, that has some things to teach us about God's plan for us as individuals and for us together as a church.


People of Priority

Julie Bullock Earp - 10/28/2017

Our journey with becoming who God made us to be is a process. When it comes to the priority of generosity, the key thing is that we are progressing and discovering what priority really looks like in our lives and why it makes a difference - both in us and in our world around us.


People of Messy Courage

Pastor Jason Stonehouse - 10/21/2017

There's one thing that separates the dreamers from the doers. One word that makes all the difference. That word is courage. How do we become people of courage? This passage in Matthew give us some great insight into how to build courage.